If you're an entrepreneur, business owner, coach, or author who wants to own his or her space and take your business to the next level FAST, we need to talk! Maybe you’re stuck at a certain income level or find yourself dealing with the same mental or emotional block again and again. I’m here for you! I created this coaching program to help individuals like yourself find freedom, confidence, and a higher level of success.


Inner Circle is a results-driven coaching program that's all about GROWTH: financial, technical, spiritual, and emotional.

turning your current business into a 6-figure income that will support your family now and launch a legacy for the generations to come.
setting your own hours and being able to prioritize what is important to YOU every day.
breaking through the spiritual and emotional barriers that are holding you back in life and in business.

It's all possible within Inner Circle. I'll show you how!

“I’ve been working with Lenika for nearly 10 years, with our first connection being through MySpace. Lenika is truly the epitome of a Servant Leader. Although she’s very successful, she leads with a desire to lift others up, investing in them and doing whatever it takes to win. She’s been a partner in many ways, and she’s helped me grow several businesses to multiple 6 Figures. I’m honored to be connected to both her and her husband, Gregg. By working with them, you’ll not just win in business, but you’ll learn how to win in life and with your family!”
~ Nicole Cooper




Before I was "Lenika Scott, The Millionaire Mom," I worked in corporate America. But in 2008, I made the decision to resign my job to be at home with our kids. It was the best choice I've ever made!

I'm an ambitious and creative individual, so I launched my own business to continue working from home. During the first year, I made 6 figures working in direct sales. With my husband, Gregg, at my side every step of the way, I learned that being an entrepreneur is rewarding but difficult.

How We Did It—and What We Overcame

We worked HARD and LONG. And we had our bumps in the road—actually, ours was more like the Grand Canyon. In 2011, we went from the millionaire club to food stamps. But we never gave in. We started from scratch and rebuilt from the ground up.

After trying different business we decided to really focus and since then, we've generated multiple millions in direct sales and social media marketing.

Now I'm ready to share my knowledge, tools, and insight with you in the Inner Circle.












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