How we crushed $1.7 MILLION in Debt!

Are you tired of working to pay off debt?
Tired of living paycheck to paycheck?
Wishing you could be free of the stress caused by overwhelming debt?
If so then this webinar is for YOU!

In this powerful LIVE Webinar, you will discover:


1. Our signature D.E.B.T. framework that will help you get out of debt without giving up the things you love. This framework walks you through using discipline, education and your own beliefs to help you be triumphant over debt!


2. This isn’t your traditional finance training, instructing you to simply funnel all your money towards paying off debt. This webinar will help you leverage your income to stretch farther rather than starving your way out of financial binds.


3. We will also teach you how to break through limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that are keeping you in a debt cycle. Shifting your mindset is key to changing your financial situation and in this webinar we will teach you EXACTLY how to do that!

If you are ready to finally get out of your own way, live an abundant life and destroy the debt that is holding you back, click the button below to register now.

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Who is the Millionaire Couple?

Gregg & Lenika Scott


Meet Gregg and Lenika Scott, the first-generational multi-millionaire power couple that is paving the way for many! As marketplace ministers, they together have crossed several barriers in entrepreneurship and truly define what it means to be Kingdom sowers and entrepreneurs. Today they stand as inspirational leaders who express their passion in seeing others break through, living FREE from the snares of financial debt. 

From receiving food stamps to earning millions, Gregg and Lenika Scott have managed to successfully build a multi-million dollar enterprise from the ground up! While this extraordinary couple understands struggle, they also understand the power of timing, positioning, and most importantly RESTORATION! With a strong work ethic and the tireless grace of God, they were able to pay cash for their six-figure home, fully cover college expenses for their children, and purchase investment properties in real estate –all while doing so DEBT-FREE!

Their union of marriage of 25 years has brought forth a loving family of 6 beautiful daughters, a wonderful son-in-love, and a precious granddaughter! Alongside one another, Gregg and Lenika Scott serve as philanthropists who selflessly give back. Their lives both serve as testimonies of the ability to shatter the ceiling of poverty and end the cycle of debt. Together, this millionaire couple works side-by-side to equip others for debt freedom and encourages them to leave a legacy, not a bill!

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How We Crushed $1.7 MILLION in Debt

Hosted by Gregg and Lenika Scott, The Millionaire Couple

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