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Why we decided to Join Partner.Co

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We've been able to see the world~

This Industry has allowed us to see the world! We've been able to connect and build some amazing relationships because of Network Marketing. This is a space that allows you to earn as you GROW! 

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Gregg and Lenika have been amazing wealth mentors to me. The very first thing that I learned from them was to think bigger and set larger goals. When I fully embraced this concept I was able to make over $5M in one stream of income. With their guidance I now am adding on more streams and know the sky is the limit. I love how they teach you to grow your way out of debt! 

~ Denise Lee

"Gregg and Lenika are our family but they are also our leaders in business. Gregg & Lenika Scott’s example of integrity and dedication to helping others grow has been life changing for my husband and I. We've been able to travel the world together and have an amazing time. They've stretched us in many areas. Having earned millions under their leadership we'd proudly be the first to tell anyone to connect with them!

Dexter & Tonya J. Scott

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Meet the Scott's


Discover WHY we made the decision to shift our careers in the Network Marketing Industry. Having earned 8 Figures in this space we know what to look for. This move will tremendously shift this Industry. We've been apart of this industry for over 20 years. By God's grace we've experienced some major success. We are so committed to helping others experience breakthrough and helping them receive tangible results.


Network Marketing can..


Be Fun!


Can HELP you Grow!


Can Connect you with AMAZING people! 


Teach you how to set GOALS!


Help you earn a great income!


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Our Daughters have always been "Our Why!" 

This was one of the major reasons why the home based industry was so appealing to us. "Our Daughters!' Lenika was able to be at home with 4 of our daughters and work in this space with the girls right by her side. This has been a blessing to our family.
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You Belong in a Safe Space where you can grow Mentally and Financially...

  • If you NEED accountabilityĀ 
  • You are truly ready to see a change in your Finances.
  • Aspire to live a life of Financial FREEDOM.
  • Want to have more control over your life.
  • Tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul (orā€¦ whoever they are).
  • Youā€™ve watched Gregg & Lenikaā€™s journey from food stamps to millions and you truly believe they have something they can teach you!


Once on the websiteĀ just click JOIN